Box Brownie Blues: And Other Stories

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Structurally, the song is sophisticated.

Blues Brownie

What do I mean? But listen to what a different sort of band can do with this music. I think if Jerry Garcia could have heard The Waybacks perform this song, he would have been most impressed. Bob Weir certainly saw something attractive in their talent, as he toured and played with them. The instrumental interplay between all of the band members is exceptional, and that between Warren Hood and James Nash is sublime.

The two trade off the lyrics masterfully as well. I know, right? This judge is sending Dupree to the gallows, and on the sly telling him that he knows the same woman, sexually! And Dupree lets him off the hook!

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I always imagined that a wink was exchanged in this lyrical moment. The historical Frank DuPre, Hughes tells us, expressed attitudes that one could argue are similar. And Betty?

Think Outside Of The Box Brownies | tarateaspoon

Hughes discovered that she tried to maintain some contact with Frank while he was in prison and, as best we can know, she had real affection for him. She married eventually and lived out her life in a more conservative style as a member of the generation from which Garcia and his compatriots broke away. A nd what about that lie, that Betty caused Dupree to go wrong? Now, as the Dead proved, that kind of blame can make for a great song. All I can promise for sure though is more great music. Thanks for reading today folks!

Some recent event for Ford include, radio shows on She handles her cherry red, Epiphone with as much confidence as any of the bluesmen today and can belt out notes to fill a room and serenade a phrase sweeter than sugar in ways that make anyone and everyone tune in to what she has to say. Ivy Ford, always respects the history and tradition of roots and blues music, while presenting it in a fresh, young and trendy way.

With deep feeling and top-shelf talent, house-rocking blues masters The Cash Box Kings play tough, real deal classic Chicago blues with boundless energy. Every song they perform—be it a striking original or a scorching Chess, Sun or Vee-Jay cover—explodes with contemporary authority and radiates old-school authenticity. Joe is my best friend in the music world—the band is a marriage made in heaven for both of us.

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This band has taken old school Chicago blues and brought it jumping and hollering into the 21st century. Any of these musicians could have played with the great bands of the golden blues era. Together they keep a sound alive that many thought was no more.

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The Cash Box Kings are a dancing and listening pleasure. The Cash Box Kings continue and strengthen their breakout from the Midwestern blues bar circuit to international recognition as recording and performing artists. Notice is duly served that they are ready for inclusion among the illustrious torch bearers for not one but two proud blues traditions [delta and post-war Chicago].

Box Brownie Blues: And Other Stories

With a deep commitment to those roots and a freshness which has generated nine originals on this CD, the Cash Box Kings are starting to make their own mark. This band is going places. The Cash Box Kings and their friends are in sync and play together with reckless abandon. No, of course not! I originally picked up the bass to keep Trampled Under Foot a family band, but I really fell in love with it. It was a huge challenge, and it still is.

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But I really love being part of the groove and getting to sing on top of that. I had learned some stuff on acoustic guitar before I started playing bass, but I never really felt connected to it the way I do with the bass. I think that people want to hear authentic music again. Brooks, 49, was born in Chicago, and started playing guitar around age six. At 19, he joined his father, Lonnie Brooks who by then had influenced some of the most well-known bluesman of our history: Jimmy Reed, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Johnny Winter, and Junior Wells.

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For 12 years the two would tour together, putting Ronnie out front with Eric Clapton, B. King, Buddy Guy, and Koko Taylor. On The Torch we went with Al Kapone.